sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

Some art for Mittliv!!!


"Big Daddy"Ed Roth,Alan Forbes,Vince Ray,Von Franco....What a TEAM!!!!!

lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Krazy DB Stuff From EEUU

Her First Show!!!!!! Speed-Fest 2009

Amazing Event!!!!!

But just only another Dove Blue..... but what a Dove Blue
-The Hursted Iban Singlecab (Next time CREW sticker for her :)

sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

A little bit of history (before the finish project shots!!)

Vw Bus May 1958.
Origin Portugal.
Semi-panel van 9 windows.
Factory Safari´s.

Work Done.(From front to rear).
-Full converted to 12v.
-New 12v wiper motor, joints, grease ect....
-Helphos light conexion.
-Ipod Stereo installation. (Kenwood with Target Speaker).
-New Link pins, new center pin, new master cylinder, new brake cylinders, new brake shoes, Machined front drums, steering box seal and grease, new shocks (white KYB GAZ), 3 1/2" dropped spindles, and BRM´s on 165-65/15.
-Rock´n roll bed.
-Remelle motorsports beetle long Gearbox.
-Straight axle kit, with long beetle axles.
-Type 3 rear drums, Shoes, and brake cylinders.
-Type 4 1800c.c motor, dual Solex 40, external oil refrigerator with fan.
-Type 4 vw412 exhaust.
-BRM´s with 165-80/15 on rear.
-Side Alluminium Step.
-And a lot of little surprises here and there ;)